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Professional Digital Product Development

At Restless Apps we build amazing apps for mobile, desktop, web, wearables, and AR/VR. We build and design your ideas to make them a reality. Based in New York, we build applications that people use all around the world.

Our specialty is in social apps and augmented/virtual reality. We love designing social applications because they bring people together and connect the world, it's a very rewarding feeling. Many of our developers come from a virtual and augmented reality background we recently added that to the services we offer. We are currently one of the very few application development agencies with this specialty. With apps like Pokémon Go, AR apps are taking off, let us help build you the future of VR/AR reality applications.

By 2017, the App Market Will Be a $77 Billion Industry, the time is now.

Web Development

From landing pages, to full-blown web apps, we've got you covered. Some may say apps are replacing websites, but no matter what they say there will always be a market for websites and web apps.

Desktop & Server Development

Not every app works well on a mobile platform. For traditional or powerful applications we design and build software for desktop and server environments.

AR/VR Development

Augmented and virtual reality, have tremendous potential. Like wearable technology, AR/VR is another emerging market with endless possibilities. At Restless Apps we firmly believe in staying ahead of technology.

Mobile Development

When Steve Jobs released the iPhone on June 29, 2007 it presented a blank canvas, a canvas we are still painting today. 44.19% of network connected smart phones are iPhones, while Android makes up 44.62% of that. The number of people you can reach is in the billions.

Wearable Development

Wearable technology is an emerging market you can integrate into your idea. At Restless Apps we build applications for WatchOS, Android Wear, Pebble, and more.

Game Development

Whether it's a game for desktop, mobile, web, or even console you've come to the right place. Our developers are skilled with game development software like Unity3D.




Redplanet is a revolutionary social networking service, allowing you to mave multiple feeds. Redplanet hired our team in January for a standard database migration, we worked with the CTO to get the job done. A quick database migration has now turned into a full time consulting service.



Stigma is the #1 rated app for mental health. Inspired by the co-founder's personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, they created Stigma. Starting in March of 2017 Restless Apps worked together with Stigma's existing team to add features to the application, both on the frontend (Swift) and backend (node.js).



RIGit is a clothing shopping app that allows you to shop genderfree. The co-founders of RIGit hired our team with the task of getting the iOS application ready for launch and fixing numerous bugs left behind by the previous developer.



Healthie is a service that connects patients with dietitians. Their iOS app is similar to Instagram, it contains a feed displaying entries you post regarding your activities, meals and metrics. The app contains 1 on 1 messaging, video calling and image/text sharing.



SemiPro is a sports app for recreational athletes. You can create matches against friends and record them, view game schedules, stay updated on local competition, and explore the world of recreational sports across the world. Choose from a list of over 50 sports and track your entire career in one location no matter what sport/sports you play.



ravink the easiest way to connect with the most trusted tattoo shops and artists in your area. Using your location, ravink allows you to connect directly with tattoo artists and shops closest to you - from finding photo references to setting up a consultation, and actually getting in touch to book an appointment to get tattooed.

Cook 4 PC


Cooking.Comfort.Care. Nourishment for Pancreatic Cancer Fight’s new App “Cook 4 PC” offers flavorful recipes and practical tips to help you or your loved one manage nutritional challenges associated with pancreatic cancer. Getting enough nutrients, managing loss of appetite and problems with digestion are just some of the issues people with pancreatic cancer face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ever think about building an app for your business? Or maybe you have that billion dollar app idea. At Restless Apps we will turn your app ideas into a reality. Contact us today for a quote.
All depends on the application. There are many variables: How complex is it? The number of platforms you wish to support. Your deadline. If you app requires a backend. A basic iOS app will cost about $5,000, however prices can go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for really complex projects. Your best bet is to contact us for a quote.
Potentially, your best bet is to contact us explainging your idea and what you we can do for you. If cash is short, some equity and cash would be ideal.
We are located on Long Island, and in Brooklyn, New York. We are currently interested in purchasing office space in Downtown Manhattan.
We offer flexible payments plans. We always take a small percentage at the start, after that we set up milestones and will be paid when certain parts of the project are completed and shown to the customer. How you pay us is up to you. Check, Venmo, PayPal, bank transferrer, ect.
Again, similar to development costs this all depends on the project requirements. Your average app will take about one month to complete. If you need your app as soon as possible, we will give you the option to pay a premium for that.

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